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Yummy Dough is a smooth, kneadable and well shapeable dough, which tastes yummy and can be eaten raw or after it is baked.

You can enjoy your own creations yourself immediately after baking or you can give them away as a funny souvenir to your family and friends.

The recipe against boredom ...

Yummy Dough for school beginners

The smooth, kneadable modelling dough can be shaped perfectly into figures and shapes. The baked goods can be eaten immediately after being baked or can be used as a small present.

There are plenty of occasions on which it can be used such as: Halloween, Christmas, Birthday Parties, and Easter, Mother ’s Day or in the meantime. Here you will find ideas and kneading patterns…

You should know what's in the dough!

Yummy Dough burger

Children put everything into their mouths. And parents and supervisors cannot always prevent that from happening. It is also known that particularly modelling dough ends up in kids’ mouths.
Manufacturers of conventional modelling dough are not obliged to list all ingredients on the packaging according to the EU-DIN EN 71. The ingredients of conventional modelling dough such as: colouring and conserving agents, fragrances, emulsifiers, lubricants, binders, hardeners or moisturizers are therefore not listed on most packaging.

We want to be sure of what our kids are putting into their mouths, so we think Yummy Dough is the better alternative.

Quality made in Germany: Yummy Dough is produced by one of the leading manufactures of baking mixes in Germany, RUF Lebensmittelwerke KG, Quakenbrück. It is produced in accordance with strict guidelines (DIN EN ISO 9001, HACCP-concept). The Institut SGS Fresenius performs quality and safety tests on a regular basis. Only the best foods are used and all ingredients are listed on the packaging. Conserving agents are not needed because it is always freshly prepared.

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  • 2007 “Anuga Taste Award” in Germany
  • 2010 “Grand prix de la Presse” in France
  • 2010 “Toy of the Year” in Australia
  • 2010 ”Toy Star Award” in China
  • 2011 "Hobby Award" in Japan